Variable Space Philosophy

Where there would be several independent classes at a traditional school, our classes are grouped together within each year group to share teaching spaces, teachers and resources. The classrooms are comprised of both large common areas and smaller spaces for group work / teaching within each of the year levels.

Children work in small groups during the morning when they are focusing on literacy and numeracy.

We Use Variable spaces:

  • To create the best possible learning situation for all children.
  • To cater for individual educational needs.
  • For children to develop independence, inter-personal skills and taking responsibility.

Places at Vauxhall School are highly sought after. Parents are attracted to the Variable Space philosophy, caring and nurturing atmosphere and high expectations of achievement. Positive partnerships between home and school ensure a culture which develops self-motivated, secure and responsible learners. All parents are most welcome to visit and discover one of New Zealand's best kept secrets, Vauxhall School.

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