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Starting school is an exciting event for children. They have heard about it from parents, brothers, sisters or friends...and now they are eager to begin.

At Vauxhall School we aim to make the transition from home to school a seamless one. We hope that you will share the excitement of starting school by getting actively involved, visiting the classroom and generally showing an interest in what's happening at school.

Vauxhall School welcomes new entrants at school for pre-school visits. The process starts gradually, six weeks before the child's fifth birthday.

For the first two weeks of school, new 5 year old children will finish at 2pm this allows them to slowly adapt to the challenges school brings. Children are often tired and exhausted by this time.

The enrolment process is-

  • 4 weeks prior- Letter of invitation
  • 2 weeks prior- Morning visits
  • 5th birthday: Child is welcomed to school. (8:55am-2:00pm first two weeks).

If your child has attended another school the transition to Vauxhall School is as follows:

  • Make an appointment with the Principal to visit the school
  • Your child will be introduced to their home group teacher and will be given the Grand Tour of the school.
  • Enrol either using our online forms or the ones provided during your visit.

All children who start school in term 1 are categorised as year 1. All children who start school on or after the first day of term 2 are categorised as Year 0 (given they are starting straight after their 5th birthday).

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