Vauxhall School provides written reports to parents and caregivers in terms 2 and 4. The term 2 report is a national standards report. The term 4 report includes the second Ministry of Education mandated national standards report plus feedback on the wider curriculum and a general comment from the teacher.


Junior reporting

On each child’s anniversary, there will be a snapshot (tick sheet) anniversary report sent home.

Miro- 40 wks; Rimu –40, 80 wks; Nikau – 80, 120 wks; Kauri – 120 wks at school.

December / January / February birthdays will receive their anniversary report with the end of year with EOY report. 


In conjunction with the parent interviews in terms 1 and 2 this completes Vauxhall School's reporting framework.

In creating the national standards 'grades' teachers make an overall teacher judgment (OTJ) drawing on all evidence gathered on your child up to the point at which the report was written. This evidence includes discussions with your child, observations of work and assessment results.

The OTJ's that teachers make are judgements of your child's performance against broad and overlapping national standards in reading, writing and mathematics that relate to how long your child has been at school.

Children learn at different paces and are open to learning at different times in their lives. These judgements can seem inappropriate, especially for our younger children who are just starting out at school. In some cases a 'below standard' OTJ is not a significant concern. We believe that looking beyond the labels and developing a positive attitude towards school and learning should be the focus of discussion with your child, and are better predictors of fulfilment and success later in life.

Please feel free to discuss any aspects of your child's learning with your child's teacher.

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