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Senior Athletics Day; Friday 14 November 2014

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Notice To Parents Re Senior Athletics Day.

Friday 14 November 2014

All children, who on TUESDAY 2 DECEMBER, will be 8 years of age and older will be involved in the senior athletics day to be held on Friday 14 November. (Save day Friday 21 November)

The format of the day is as follows.

  • All children will go to their syndicate for roll call
  • Then they go to the front court and sit in their age groups (at approximately 9:10 a.m.)
  • We will either walk down to woodall park or remain at school in age groups, this will make it easier to begin the day’s programme
  • Teachers will have organised their event at Woodall Park
  • When at Woodall children will use the toilets at narrowneck, Parenst will need to accompany children to ensure their safety
  • The high jump (at school) will start in the second round due to the possibility of dew on the grass making it slippery and dangerous ( programme on the back of this notice)
  • We need parent help with supervision of each age group and to help at each event
  • Parent helpers will be asked to fill in the sheets provided
  • At the end of the day the totals on the sheets will be added so we can give certificates to the first four place getters in age and gender groups
  • Children will take their bags with them as they walk around so they can snack when hungry, there is no morning tea break
  • From the data gathered we will select a team of 8, 9, 10 and 11 year girls and boys to take part in the interschool event on 2 December (save day 4 December)
  • At the end of the day we will walk back to school and assemble under the trees to give out the certiicates

Additional information:

All children will need: sun hats; water, sun screen, adequate food, jacket in case of cooler weather, foot wear to walk bteween Vauxhall and Woodall Park.

If we need to post phone the event we will put a message on the school answer phone.

Thank you to all the parents who have already offered to help with the day, we still need parents to help. (Especially with 9 year group or with events) If you are able to help please leave your name at the office or email with your details, include the name and age of your child / children.

Helpers for 11 year old group:     Isabella Galluzzo, Jane Yazici, Ruth Morse, (a.m.) Jenny   Hamlin (a.m.)

Helpers for 10 year old group:     Lorna Johnstone, Christine Prince, Rebecca Page, Rachel Blackwood, (p.m.) Jose Stern, (a.m.) Jules Lough, (a.m.)

Helpers for 9 year old group:       Sue Cope, Jose Stern (p.m.) Louise Evans (a.m.)

Helpers for 8 year old group:       Tracey Wheeler, Alistair Ness, Rachel Blackwood (a.m.)

Many thanks

Carol Rowe-Mitchell

Senior Sports day                       

Friday 14 November  Save day Friday 21 November Age as at the 2 December 2014


NB Both high jump and long jump events will be held at school. When the year group finishes the distance race they return to school in a group.


Assemble at 9:10 a.m., 8, 10 and 11 year groups walk to Woodall Park.

Aim to start events at 9:45 a.m.

Events are either at Vauxhall School or Woodall park. This is due to the unavailability

of the Devonport domain this year.

At Woodall park change over will be signalled with a hand bell, at school by the siren on the loud speaker.





High Jump

Long Jump


Softball throw

Distance Races



9 yrs

10 yrs

8 yrs

11 yrs




9 yrs

10 yrs

8 yrs


8 yrs

11 yrs


9 yrs

10 yrs


10 yrs

8 yrs

11 yrs


9 yrs


Lunch time


9 yrs

10 yrs

8 yrs

11 yrs



Walk back to school


Presentation of certificates


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