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Triathlon Helpers Friday 22 March

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TRIATHLON HELPERS. Thursday 21 March

Thanks to everyone who have offered to help with the triathlon this Friday 22 March. I would like to meet everyone at 9:40 outside Totara to go over the jobs and answer any questions you may have.

TIME KEEPERS: (6) 1 per heat
Take note of the heat number on each child's arm
Start stop watch when the race is started
Move to the finish line
Tell Julie the time as each child in "your" heat crosses the finish line
Maximum of four children in each heat
Claire Linthwaite, Maureen Lyell, Ruth Morse, PLUS ANOTHER 3 NEEDED

Hot spot by Miro : a narrow space that children ride through NEED HELP HERE

BIKE HELPERS: At swim / bike transition (4)
Help each child to put on helmet and shoes
Make sure that the help is equitable for each competitor
Clark Hamilton, Nigel Cope, Carsten Schon, Melissa Jenkins.

At the top court (4)
Help take off helmet (please make sure helmets are not thrown as in the past some helmets have been damaged) and "park" bike. One adult per child.
Fiona Sherwood, Sandra Glanville, Ro Tremain, Jenny Hamlin.

Directing them on the path between library and Kauri and towards to road passing the Admin Block.
Helen Oliver
Crossing bike track
Make sure no bikes are coming so children can cross over
Make sure they run out the gate to the manned crossing.
Karina Huenber
Crossing on Morrison Ave
Make sure children can safely cross the road to start their run along North Ave; and then again as they run down Morrison Ave to re-enter the school ground to head towards the finish line.
Jo Smith

ROAD MARSHALS (a good idea is to take a chair to sit on)
Corner North and Turnbull Nicky Dearsley
Corner Turnbull and Vauxhall Jose Stern
Corner of Vauxhall and Morrison Rachel Blackwell


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